Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Peak Oil"? Not This Century

Don't you just love contrarians with facts? Here's the President of Chevron Oil with Ms. Strassel of the WSJ:

...In theory, he says, "we've been running out of oil and gas for a long time," yet technology creates new opportunities. Mr. Watson cites a Chevron field long in decline down the road in Bakersfield—to the point that for every 100 barrels of oil "in place," the company was extracting only 10 or 20. But thanks to a new technology called steam flooding, Chevron is now getting 70 to 80 barrels. "Price creates incentive, and energy will be developed if there's demand for it at the price you can develop it," Mr. Watson says. In that sense, "oil and gas are plentiful."

Don't believe it? Over the past 30 years, even as "peak oil" was a trendy theme, the world's proven reserves of oil and natural gas increased 130%, to 2.5 trillion barrels.

As to Obozo's speechification-with-no-meaning (or more accurately, speech with forked tongue):

...The White House recently bragged that last year American oil production hit its highest levels since 2003. What it failed to mention is that it takes years for leases to start producing, so credit for last year's surge goes to the Bush administration.

But what about the BP Gulf spill? Mr. Watson blames the "cultural aspects and behavioral aspects" of the particular drilling rig that exploded. He roundly disagrees with the finding of Mr. Obama's spill commission that the "root causes" of the spill were "systemic" to the industry.

"There is no evidence to support that. I don't know how that conclusion was reached. I know the industry has drilled 14,000 deep water wells without having this sort of problem." As for the moratorium, "I can understand taking a pause. I can't understand shutting down a whole industry for a better part of a year."

Well, Mr. Watson, WE understand Obama's motives. He's bound and determined to reduce this country to a Third-World clone.

While he's at it, Watson takes on a few more Obozomyths. "Unused" leases?

...If Washington institutes Mr. Obama's "use it or lose it" policy, Mr. Watson says, it will mean less U.S. oil production.

Cap/Trade? "Carbon" regs?

The cap-and-trade bill the House passed in 2009 was "poorly conceived and it collapsed under its own weight for good reason, ...."It's not why the Clean Air Act was put in place, and it doesn't seem to be the right way to attack concerns about greenhouse gas emissions," he says. The EPA is "placing huge new regulatory burdens on industries that are import sensitive."

Yes, well, like I said: Third World.

"What I see are people who want affordable energy," says Mr. Watson. "They want strong environmental standards—they want a lot of things—but first and foremost they want affordable energy. And if you want affordable energy, you want oil, gas and coal."

...and a new Administration in 2013.


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Obama and the Left are content to watch US gas prices rise to $5 and beyond. It suits their goals.