Friday, April 15, 2011

Never, EVER, Confuse "Republican" for "Conservative"

Just in case you have a weak moment--too much wine, or a nice handshake with one of those fakers-who-want-your-vote but not the problems of actually governing, here's the scoop.

...Earlier in the day, 124 Republicans had cast a vote in favor of an alternative budget from members of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) — more than the number of Republicans in opposition.

Republicans likely saw the RSC bill as a free vote that let them give a nod to deeper cuts, while Democratic opposition would ensure defeat of the bill.

But most Democrats voted "present," which forced Republican leaders to adjust their votes at the last second in order to ensure the defeat of the RSC budget. Even after adjusting to the Democratic procedural move, 119 Republicans voted for the RSC budget, and 120 Republicans voted against it, and it failed in a 119-136 vote. --AOSHQ quoting The Hill

The jacks think we can't find out who-voted-what. But the Thomas record of vote will be out on Monday, just in time for the Congress creeps to hit town on their planned 2-week recess.

Hit 'em then, and hit 'em hard.

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John Foust said...

Who voted for what? Who voted for those Republicans?

Say, Dad29... have you been voting for Republicans?