Friday, April 15, 2011

CCW in Wisconsin: The Usual Lobbying for Profits

Well, we're getting closer to Concealed-Carry legislation in Wisconsin, and that means the usual: lobbying for profits.

NRA advises as follows:

Key legislators who have supported past Right to Carry bills in Wisconsin have recently begun to demand that a mandatory training provision be a component of any Right-to-Carry bill introduced this year.

Well, it sounds good, right? As we all know, more training = much more proficiency. the experience associated with millions of citizens who have obtained concealed carry permits in the nine states with no mandatory training component and millions of others in 20 additional states who are able to carry firearms in public, concealed or openly, without a permit being required. Not one of these 29 states is experiencing problems.

How does "mandatory training" get into the picture?

some firearms instructors in the state are promoting a training mandate. These are people who should know better but they too choose to ignore the proven experience in all of these other states...

Then there's the "cops have to take training. Why not civilians?" argument:

Law enforcement officers require extensive training because they must engage in pursuit, apprehension and suspect control. In other words, they must bring the fight to the criminal. This is much more complex and dangerous than simply fending off an attacker. In addition, much of a law enforcement officer’s firearms training revolves around threat identification and shoot/don’t shoot scenarios. This is necessary because police officers frequently enter unknown circumstances after a call for assistance. Citizens, on the other hand, rarely have difficulty determining who the threat is.

Frankly, utilization of a firearm is the LAST thing anyone with common sense wants to do. It's better to run like Hell than to pull a gun, and certainly better never to have pulled a gun at all.

The other training: carry a picture of Bob Habush in your holster. Remember that he'll be looking for you after you shoot a perp.

That oughta help you keep the gun in the holster.


Robert said...

quit the NRA some years ago when it became obvious that the lobbyists were more interested in getting invited to cocktail parties and the NRA simply became about money not education and advocacy. Really miss the American Rifleman. I think what you are inferring with this post is that this is once again about money for the for providing the mandated training. What the state needs is Arizona style constitutional concealed carry, but I think our legislature is afraid to spend political clout on going from nothing to everything. The logic will be that we work towards it incrementally....false logic...once we get concealed carry with all sorts of license fees, training stipulations and the like and we will be stuck with it.

Dad29 said...

Actually, the NRA is warning about OTHER 'trainers-for-profit."

NRA, to my knowledge, is not offering CCW training in Wisconsin at all.

ICSI Mexico said...

Yeah i agree