Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chambliss & Warner, Sitting in a Treee

You don't have to know much to understand that Saxby Chambliss has his head where the sun don't shine. All you have to do is read this quote:

“[Y]ou’ve got to have enough money to run the government, and then you’ve got to have excess money to start paying down on that debt.” --Chambliss in the AJ-C quoted at Redstate

Kinda depends on how you define the term "government," Saxby. I sorta prefer the definition given by the Founders. You know, the one without D of Education, EPA, D of Energy, DHS...

Well, in and of itself, that's not the worst thing ol' Saxby could have said.

Wait till you read the rest of the item linked above. Then you'll know.

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