Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stupak No Longer Picking Up Carrion from Highways

Bart Stupak's come a long way from picking up carrion next to UP highways.

Remember how the health-care bill was about "standing up to the special interests" and the lobbyists? Tell that to Democrat Bart Stupak, perhaps the single most important rank-and-file House member in passing the bill, who just got a fat new gig on K Street. The lobbying firm Venable, which includes CareFirst BlueCross as a client, sent out an announcement about its hire of Stupak...

Only 10,000 babies were harmed to make that possible.

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Anonymous said...

In this link,

Slate says that Stupak's new firm also lobbies for Planned Parenthood. So your "babies harmed" count needs another zero or so.