Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Whitewater: Dirtballs Revealed

No, Whitewater is NOT just a town in Wisconsin.  It's the name of a serious scandal which occurred during the Clinton years in Arkansas.

And somehow, the first prosecutor was.......ahhhh......"removed" from the case.  He has a few pertinent remarks.

...By the summer of 1994, Fiske says, he was preparing to bring eight indictments against 11 defendants, including criminal charges for fraud against Jim and Susan McDougal (the Clintons' Whitewater business partners), Webster Hubbell (then an associate attorney general and formerly Hillary Clinton's law partner) and Jim Guy Tucker (Clinton's successor as governor of Arkansas)....

...Despite Fiske's efforts to find more evidence, he soon ran afoul of conservatives in Congress and on the Wall Street Journal editorial page, who accused him of pulling his punches....

Hmmm.  The 'conservatives' submarined the investigation because Fiske couldn't find a direct link to Bill and Shrill--at least, not at that time. 

Too bad.  If he'd been able to indict the scumbags named above, someone would have rolled on Bill and Shrill.  Then we wouldn't have had all those PRC spies floating around the US military.

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