Sunday, October 05, 2014

The ObozoCare Web Portal Cost

When Obozo's current HHS liar told Congress that "" cost $834 million........

($834 million.  $834 MILLION.  Eight hundred thirty-four million DOLLARS.  Eight HUNDRED thirty four MILLION dollars....)


Seems that the HHS liar was, ahhhhhhhhh, lying.

She missed a few numbers.

...I’ve summarized them here as bullet points:
  • $300 million contract to process paper applications to serve as backups to electronic files
  • $387 million for real-time interfacing between the IRS and to verify income and family size for insurance subsidy calculations
  • $400 million in accounting tricks HHS used to pay for creating when 26 states refused to take federal start-up grants to build their own. Congress made no appropriations to build, so HHS shifted money from other units to fund the project.
  • $255 million in spending between February 2014 – the end of Burwell’s timeline – and August 20, 2014, the most recent information available. Bloomberg also included projected spending at current levels through September 30, 2014, the end of the fiscal year.
These are the kinds of expenses that Members of Congress would expect the HHS Secretary to include when testifying about full cost of a program.

Now I realize that numbers like "300 million" are very small numbers in D.C. and when a bureaucrat misses one, two, or a few of those small numbers, we should not BLAME them.  Those are just crumbs on the floor in D.C.

Well, the crumbs--the little tiny numbers--that the Obozo liar missed brought the cost of up to $2.1+ BILLION.

So far.

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