Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Rove, the Architect of Losing

About time someone came out with both fists and smacked Rove in the chops.  Here, Jeff Lord affirms the judgment of Brent Bozell:  Rove--and all his cohort--should be banished.

...The moderate wing of the GOP has been responsible for one presidential loss after another stretching over decades dating all the way back to the re-election bid of the progressive Republican Herbert Hoover in 1932. From Hoover on through names like Landon, Willkie, Dewey (twice) on up to Ford, the failed re-election of Bush 41, Dole, McCain and Romney, every single time the advice is always the same: only a moderate can win. In the case of Karl Rove, in fact the “Architect” of the Bush 43 wins, the 2000 election lost the popular vote to Gore and needed the Supreme Court to get in the White House door. While the 2004 re-election against the abysmal John Kerry was a skin-of-the-teeth win with a bare margin from Ohio. And when it came time to pass on the baton to a GOP successor — as Reagan did successfully with Bush 41 in 1988 — the result was an abject defeat for John McCain, with President Bush 43 — a good and decent man — leaving with his ratings hovering in the mid-thirties....

This should be a fair warning to Scott Walker, by the way.  Walker's campaign is certainly not swinging for the fences in conservative message--far from it.  And Reince Priebus should not be bragging up the (R) wave led by Walker; that was really the work of Sykes, Belling, and other broadcast conservatives AFTER the TEA Party materialized in open revolt against Obozo.

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