Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Mormons v. Althouse

Althouse loves to use the condescension-phrase "marriage equality".

The Federalist asks the right questions:

...The would-be polygamist needs only to use the arguments of a gay-marriage advocate: What kind of moral claim, for instance, does anyone have to stand in the way of peaceful, consenting adults who call their union a marriage? Shouldn’t every minority, no matter how beleaguered, be able to enjoy happiness with the one—or ones—they love? In a perfect nation, wouldn’t all Americans be immune from the cultural and religious prejudices of others? Isn’t it a tad judgmental for us to force every household to comport to our own stifling definition of family?...

Certainly Althouse understands "equality", so she won't mind if Mead brings home a few extra women.


By the way, Walker's acquiescence to the continuing erasure of the 10th Amendment doesn't boost one's confidence in his "conservative" credentials, does it?

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