Friday, October 17, 2014

Cato: Scott Walker's a Big Spender

Cato released a study which grades State governors.

The good news for Scott Walker:  according to Cato, he's #11 overall, which is darn good.

The bad news:  he's a Really Big Spender, given a score of 40 on a 100-point scale. Not surprising, then, that he earns only a 50 grade on taxation.

This should not be a surprise to anyone who has paid attention over the last few years.  Walker is saddled with a legacy of Big Spending (R) and (D) governors (Thompson and Doyle were egregious wastrels) and a Legislature which--though (R)--loves it some spendin'. 

We haven't heard or seen a Walker ad which promises a reduction in State employment.  No surprise:  Walker has increased State employment in both his budgets.  We haven't heard or seen a Walker ad which promises a reduction in spending, either--other than whatever effects remain from Act 10.

Oh, well.

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Saint Revolution said...

Yet we HAVE seen an Walker TV ad wherein Walker begins by stating he is pro-life and ends by stating that an abortion is an personal and private matter between an woman and her doctor, the pro-choice stand.

Read my text, Walker, you sellout: ABORTION IS MURDER!


"Either you are with me or you are against me", said Christ.

There is NO SUCH THING as an moderate stand on abortion, i.e., murder.


...and, one more time for all you morally challenged delusionists out there: ABORTION IS MURDER!

Betrayal on both the filthy detritus of gay marriage and the continuing slaughter of The Innocents.

Please don't Judas me,
Treat me as you'd like to be treated,
Please don't blacklist me,
Leave me as you'd wish to find me,
Don't analyze me, sacrifice me,
Please don't Judas me.

Please don't number me,
Don't betray my trusted promise,
Please don't anger me,
I find it hard to bear no blindness,
Don't frustrate me, manipulate me,
Please don't Judas me.