Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mary Burke: Roadkill

In a way, Mary Burke is a sympathetic character.  The (D) establishment needed someone--ANYONE--to serve as the totem opposing The Most Evil Governor Evah!!!!

Just a totem, a little wooden figure on a pole.

She wasn't bright enough to know her actual role, of course.  She was taken in by the flattery of the (D) establishment.

Now she's roadkill.

One wonders how she will exact her revenge on The Party.  It should be fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

How long does Mike Tate survive as DPW chair?

Anonymous said...

It's pretty hard to feel sorry for the idle rich in any way, shape or form. I don't begrudge her one dime of her family's wealth, but her public humiliation has been self-inflicted. Burke simply does not have a real background that lends itself to the job she seeks and her campaign has been unable to adequately invent one. Hopefully if the voters soundly reject Burke the political parties will come to the conclusion that the era of Obama-like, blank slate, empty suit candidates has already run its course. For Mary Burke there will always be another Trek dividend check. Another beach. Another snow run. Another cocktail party.

Amy said...

Nothing is over until the votes are cast and counted Tuesday, of course, but it appears Burke is going to lose by a fairly decent margin.

The finger-pointing and blame game begins with her concession speech.

But, I've been thinking, I wonder if they're going to attempt to not concede the election and try shenanigans given the humiliations they've had this week.

Dan said...

Even more fun is to read the lefty blogs and their desperation.
Now the folks at the CD are comparing Walker to Hitler.
Sad but funny.