Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Obama's Office IT Compromised

The Most Competent President EVAHHH!!

...The computers in the Executive Office of the President have been down for two weeks because they were hacked by a foreign power–the Obama administration now says Russia–and administration technical personnel are having trouble bringing them back on line. This is a huge story, obviously, and it is inconceivable that Power Line knew about it, but no one in the vast Washington press corps got wind of the fact that computer systems belonging to the White House and dozens of important federal agencies (National Security Staff, to name just one) had been hacked and were out of commission....

Yes, friends, it gets worse.

...“U.S. officials were alerted to the breach by an ally.” This means that when the intrusion occurred, we were unaware of it. It also implies that it may have gone on for a long time before someone who spies on Russia–the British? the Israelis?–tipped us off....

The Most Intelligent and Competent Administration and President, EVAHHHH!

Not to worry.  NSA undoubtedly has a handle on this.  But first they have to un-plug their sniffers from all the US citizens' computers.

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