Sunday, October 05, 2014

It's Complicated. So the NeoCon Warmongers Jump Right In!!

Following some damn war or other, the Striped-Pants set drew a lot of nice straight lines throughout the Middle East.

Everyone got a piece of the pie(s) except the Kurds.  Thiry million of them live in parts of Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

Along came our modern-day geopolitical "geniuses" of the Bush II and Obozo Administrations--and managed to set off a Kurdish-tribalist revolution which (in no small part) was aided by the Russkis.

Now we have this:

Turkey [supposedly a NATO ally of the US] is focused on its near enemy in the Kurdish regions and its far enemy in Damascus, not the ISIS butchers who have laid claim to the Sunni lands of Euphrates valley in parts of what used to be Iraq and Syria. The Qataris want Assad gone and a new government—even one controlled by ISIS—which will grant them a pipeline concession through Syria in order to tap the giant European market for their immense natural gas reserves.

Likewise, the Saudi’s [whose bitches are US oil companies] want to destroy the Assad regime because it is allied with their Shiite enemy across the Persian Gulf in Iran and because they fear their own abused Shiite populations which are concentrated in their oilfield regions. Consequently, they see the fight against ISIS as essentially a pretext for escalating their war against Damascus, and are not even interested in bombing the non-ISIS jihadi like the Nusra Front that they see as allies in the campaign against Assad.

Got that?

OK.  So tell me again:  exactly what AMERICAN interests lie in this region, aside from Israel?


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