Friday, October 24, 2014

Elect the Democrat, Find Corruption

It's not hard to make the case that Holder is corrupt.  Hell--he makes it himself!

This is usually the case:  elect a Democrat, find corruption.  It's like horse-and-carriage; can't have one without the other.

For the first time, the Department of Justice has provided a detailed description of 15,662 Fast and Furious-related documents it is withholding from Congress, the public and the press under executive privilege exerted by President Obama.

The description comes in the form of a so-called Vaughn index ordered by a federal court in a lawsuit filed against the Justice Department by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. The Justice Department waited to provide the index, due yesterday, until 8:34 p.m.

The number of withheld documents is so extensive, that the list describing them is 1,323 pages long.

1,323 pages of index alone.

And Holder sent emails to his Mommy and Wifey--and THOSE are withheld.

This is what you get when you elect Democrats, folks.

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