Wednesday, October 08, 2014

2014 Lie Of The Year Nominee

It's not likely that any Lie Of The Year will out-shine Obozo's '....keep your healthcare' megawhopper.

But this one is pretty damn competitive:

“What I also love about this conservative but extraordinary decision from SCOTUS is that it affirms the power of federalism against the alternatives,” said Andrew Sullivan of the Supreme Court’s decision not to review seven decisions on same-sex marriage this week.  “Marriage equality will not have been prematurely foisted on the country by one single decision; it will have emerged and taken root because it slowly gained democratic legitimacy, from state to state, because the legal and constitutional arguments slowly won in the court of public opinion, and because an experiment in one state, Massachusetts, and then others, helped persuade the sincere skeptics that the consequences were, in fact, the strengthening of families, not their weakening.”

1)  Federalism is NOT 'Federal blackrobes gone wild', Andy-boy.

2)  The arguments have NOT 'won' in public opinion.  Every State which voted on it (save one) voted against it.

3)  'Strengthening families'?  Based on what longitudinal studies, Andy-boy?  3 years?  5 years?  Be serious.

Obozo is still the champion.  But the homosexualists are working on it.  

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