Thursday, April 07, 2011

TMJ4 Reporter Close to Tears Over Prosser Victory


The live-feed of the Waukesha County press conference was very interesting--because TMJ4 doesn't shut off the feed. So after the presser was over, the camera got re-positioned and Ms. Lemanczyk took her spot, then did the standup report.

You may notice, late in the report, that she is visibly unhappy with the 7500 vote swing to Prosser. The tone of voice changes, too. She's mad as hell.

Oh, yes, she has a bias. Before she did the standup, a fellow in the room passed her and remarked that "gee, you look unhappy today..." which earned him a VERY nasty look.

Well, her unhappiness shows through in the report.

Too bad, so sad, Lauren.


Anonymous said...

The shame of it is Kathy Nickolaus did her job and will be punished by the Demoncrats for it.
I have a hardleft relative who drove to Madison every weekend to take part in the great debacle. He has already referred to her as a traitor and a 'Koch-sucker' (excuse the French), for taking the wind from their sails.
Nothing is a bitter linger like a liberal.
Oak Creek Bill

Tim Morrissey said...

Lauren, who worked in Madison TV before decamping to Milwaukee, apparently forgot the lesson most broadcasters learn before they're allowed on the air: the mike/camera is ALWAYS on.

Anonymous said...

Was the video removed or replaced? I don't see in the link what is described here.

Dad29 said...

That's because it is not in the video linked here.

The live feed does NOT get preserved, sorry. But a close and VERY honest friend watched the live-feed and relayed the story almost simultaneous with it happening.