Thursday, April 07, 2011

B. Obama v. K. Nickolaus

The difference between Obama and Nickolaus is that when Nickolaus makes a mistake, she says:

“I apologize.”

HT: Patrick


Anonymous said...

Then you wouldn't mind this, Dad29. After all, if she's honest, and it was an honest mistake, then why does she have anything to worry about?

Dad29 said...

So long as RAG--a Lefty despite his self-description--wants to pay for his idea, no problem.

In this case, the audit trail is there; it's clear as crystal.

Note that the illicit "election" of Franken hasn't inspired armed revolt in Minnesota.

RAG said...

Left compared to you. Centrist, my friend.

The guy I feel for is Dave Prosser.

Anonymous said...

Dad29--Note that the illicit "election" of Franken...

Yeah, ok, right. Keep dreaming! Had Coleman won his court cases, you would have said that everything was fair and square. But since the liberal emerged victorious, it just has to be fraud. Grow up!

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Centrist? Surely you jest!