Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Lot of FooFooDust from Obama Surrogate

As expected, Obama is sending out the surrogates before today's Unicorns And Rainbows Budget (V. 2.0) of this afternoon.

And these poor slobs have to spout crap like this with a straight face:

"Everywhere I've traveled in the world these last few years, I see our competitors like China and India making unprecedented investments in their people, and in the roads, bridges and electric grids that underpin a modern economy," Locke said. "Go to China and you'll see them spending 9% of their GDP on infrastructure. In Europe, it's about 5%. In America, it's 2%."

Umnnhhhh...gee, you moron:

We already HAVE the "infrastructure." PRChina had no road system, no electrical system, and no rail system worth a c*&^. Never had one. Ask the people who went over there and put up manufacturing plants, you twit!

And in India, outside of New Delhi and Bombay, it was the same as China.

Mr. Locke doesn't mention PRChina's penchant for killing off democracy-demonstrators and religious folks--nor the bloody ongoing religious battles in India.

Maybe their "investment" strategies are misdirected.

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