Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Law? Broken Law?? WHAT Law??"

A striking *cough* resemblance between Izzy Ozanne and Eric Holder emerges.

Only a fool would think that the sick out that closed down Madison schools for five days in February was anything but an illegal, union-coordinated, illegal strike.

But there are a lot of fools in Madison, aren’t there?

Now there is proof that the sickout was a premeditated, union-authorized job action -- a phone tree of teachers calling other teachers to close down the schools. This kind of activity is prohibited by the union’s own contract and illegal in WI Statute Chapter 111.84(2)(e):

"It is unfair practice for an employee individually or in concert with others: To engage in, induce or encourage any employees to engage in a strike, or a concerted refusal to work or perform their usual duties as employees."

But of course, there is a smoking gun--a phone-tree operation--and on information and belief, Orv Seymer went to Izzy with the goods.

Izzy told him to pound sand.

HT: Althouse

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