Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is Goldman Sachs Finally Going Down?

Although the bi-partisan report is damning, money buys a lot of loopholes, exceptions, spear-catchers, and forgiveness probation. So 'criminal charges' or no, you can expect Goldman Sachs to continue its predatory ways.

A Senate panel released a damning report accusing the likes of Goldman Sachs of engaging in massive conflicts of interest, contaminating the U.S. financial system with toxic mortgages and undermining public trust in U.S. markets in the months leading up to the financial crisis. (Forbes)

Oh, by the way: last year, Goldie paid the princely sum of $14 million in Federal income tax.

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Anonymous said...

why do you think they will go down? lol It would be great but the fact is, they are backed by us government officials and their deep pockets "our deep pockets" they will never go down until they take everyones last penny. they are a corrupt small group of individuals that are criminals but they wear a 3 piece suit so they will remain in power.