Thursday, April 14, 2011

EPA To Declare Dust Illegal Pollutant

You can't make this s*&^ up, folks.

As the deadline for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to revise the national air quality standard for “coarse particulate matter” – also known as dust – approaches, farming interests, including some in Wisconsin, say a stricter standard could result in fines for farm dust in rural communities. But environmentalists say the rules are really aimed at urban soot from autos and manufacturers and unlikely to impact rural areas.

We'd mentioned this before (you can look it up, I won't) when folks from the Southwest became kinda agitated about it. Dust, after all, IS the Southwest. Don't believe me? Then go look north from any office-building window in Dallas (10th story or higher) almost any time of the year.

And of course, the EnviroWackies say "Not to worry. We're detonating a nuke on the eeeeeeevil cities. There won't be any fallout for the Farmer in the Dell riding his tractor and disking his field."

The check is in the mail. I'll respect you in the morning. I'm here from the Gummint to help you.

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