Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Good News! We'll Be In Afghanistan Forever!!

As a Commander in Chief, Obozo makes a far better law prof lecturer.

Of the 858 U.S. deaths since Obama's inauguration, 791 have been combat-related. This means that for the 1,241 combat-related deaths that occurred since the Afghanistan war began in October 2001, about 64 percent happened in the two years since Obama took office. Last year was the deadliest for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, with 497 combat and non-combat fatalities.

Says Moonbattery: Americans have been dying in Afghanistan for one reason: the handlers of our farcical Commander in Chief think it would hurt him with independent voters if he brought them home.

Oh, yah, that "forever" thing?

...Gen. Petraeus and a top-Pentagon official have indicated that they would be open to maintaining jointly-operated military bases in Afghanistan beyond 2014

Making the world safe for goat-herders and heroin-exporters.

By the way, PowerLine ran a poll on 'remaining in The 'Stan'.


...Nearly 74 percent agree with me that it is time to start getting out of Afghanistan. Given that our readers are probably about as hawkish a group as you will find, this would seem to have considerable significance for Republican Presidential candidate



Tim Morrissey said...

"Making the world safe for goat-herders and heroin-exporters."

True dat, Dad. True dat.

John Foust said...

Why the emphasis on only what's happened since Obama took office?