Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fraley on the Election

Jay Weber performed another public service, having Brian Fraley on his show this morning.

Brief, from memory notes:

1) The lawyers will be here for a recount. Hanging chads redux. It will last a long time. You can expect that they will employ all sorts of lies, cheating, and other time-honored (D) Party tactics. Won't be hard to find them: they'll smell and act just like a cross between James Earl Doyle and Xoff.

2) The TEA Party is alive, and very well indeed. Fraley mentioned that the AFSCME, Obozo, the AFL-CIO, SEIU, and a bunch of other very suspicious characters literally flooded into Wisconsin and swamped the State with slime. They did NOT get what they wanted. That's because the TEA Party is committed and votes.

3) One Madison ward had a 97-3 vote ratio for Kloppenburg. Since the ward is in the People's Republic of Madistan, within The Most Entitled County in the Universe, there will be absolutely NO investigation. The local DA is too busy with other matters, and our AG is a most in-curious fellow.

4) The Public Employee Unions Lost, big-time. Dane and Milwaukee Counties no longer run the State. This is a good thing, as was the electoral map showing the Fox Valley as a solidly conservative area once again. That's the case even if the lawyering pays off and Prosser loses, by the way.

5) The (D) recall efforts will suffer. The Unions, Socialists, Obama-ites, Communists, and other assorted dregs of society blew about $3.5 million (not counting free labor "volunteering") into the SCOWI race. Now they have to find another wad of money and time--and it will be diffused over 8 local races. Decision-time for the money boys.



neomom said...

And if they get rid of motor voter and put in photo ID, the transient and non-citizen student vote will marginalize Madistan further. Sounds like the next bill the Leggies need to take up.

Anonymous said...

"You can expect that they will employ all sorts of lies, cheating, and other time-honored (D) Party tactics."

Convenient excuse #2731, compliments of the Republican Party playbook!

John Foust said...

Neomom, are actually cheering the disenfranchisement of segments of the society you live in?

neomom said...

No John, I am saying that you should be required to vote in the district/precinct where you have some skin in the game. Transient students skew elections in college towns and then they move away. I live in a college town, they vote for a mayor and councilfolk for goodies and giveaways raising the taxes for those of us who live here and raise our families here.

I'm not saying they shouldn't vote. Just vote where your permanent residence is - which for 95% of college students is their parents address. If that means voting absentee? So What? That isn't disenfranchising to them.

The idea that they can live in a dorm, take their student ID, not have to prove citizenship or residence - just have someone vouch for them - and register on election day and vote disenfranchises all the other legitimate voters and residents.

And no, I don't believe that a transient student population should drive the direction of the state.

John Foust said...

If I'm over 18, living in Madison, renting an apartment, relying on city services... you think I should only be able to vote where my parents live?

Do you live in Wisconsin?

neomom said...

If you are a Freshman or Sophomore, you have to live in the dorms, so no, that doesn't mean you are a resident. If you are a Junior or Senior, even if living off campus, Mommy and Daddy are most likely still paying for it. In fact, Mommy and Daddy are still most likely claiming you as a dependent on their 1040. So, yeah, they should vote where Mommy and Daddy pay their property taxes - be that out state, another state, or another country.

Dad29 said...

There IS Wisconsin law on the topic.

Wisconsin law clearly gives students the right to register and vote where they attend school.[5] Generally, your residence is where you currently live—your place of fixed habitation—“without any present intention to move.”[6] Elections officials are not allowed to consider student status when determining your eligibility to vote. (Brennan Center)

However, there ARE some questions about "dependency" in IRS filings v. "residence" in Madison. That is, if one's parents claim a UW-Mad student as a "dependent," then it IS possible that the student's actual address is his/her home address, not the dorm.

That's reinforced by the "no intention to move" clause in the law. A student DOES have "an intention to move" out of the dorm at the end of a school year.

neomom said...

That is what needs to change Dad - students are transient for years. Or the kiddos can start making sure their Driver's License matches the precinct they are voting in.

John Foust said...

"Most likely"? What kind of strict, precise law is that going to make? Why not strike the right to vote from anyone you consider "transient"? Or who's living on someone else's dole? What do you have against students?

Do you live in Wisconsin?