Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Current "F" Word

Althouse, bless her soul, sums it up.

A recount in [the Wisconsin Supreme Court] race... seems inevitable, and it is not clear who will ultimately take the seat on the Wisconsin bench. But if this expensive and nasty race ends up in protracted litigation, it could undermine public confidence in both the judiciary and Wisconsin’s electoral process, especially if, as I expect, supporters of Prosser raise ugly allegations of voter fraud.... R. Hasen, in Politico
Don't dare say fraud!

... because past claims of fraud have been "methodically debunked" — have they? — we should stop even looking for fraud? We'll only suffer if we keep checking for cheaters?

Yes. The new un-speakable word.

Of course, there are mistakes, and there is fraud. Big difference, and a lot of mistakes will be found.

But they do not obviate the possibility, nor the probability, of fraud. (I've told this story often: a (D) pal of mine openly admitted to (D) vote-fraud a few years ago, saying 'Aaaahhh, what's a few votes here and there?' They do it, they KNOW they do it, and they're damn proud of it.)

Back to the citation:

[I]f the Wisconsin Supreme Court race goes into extra innings, I expect things to become especially contentious and partisan.
To become contentious and partisan? It's been ridiculously contentious and partisan here in Wisconsin since mid-February.

Slap him again, Prof Althouse. The man's obviously living on a different planet.


GOR said...

The Weekly Standard (per Drudge) is now reporting a revision in the numbers for Winnebago County that puts Prosser ahead by 40 votes statewide!

I thought that Ms. K was a bit premature in claiming victory - but it could still go either way in the recount. Remember Coleman and Franken in MN...?

John Foust said...

There's nothing wrong with a recount.

That's completely different from folks like you who couldn't help but start with their suspicions that either fraud had already happened or that it was about to happen.

Let's all search for it! No one ever suggested we should stop looking for it.

Dan said...

Let's see John's reaction after the news that Prosser is winning by about 8000.

John Foust said...

I welcome the sunshine on any county's election system. Have you forgotten this story? Where was the outrage and resolution to that? Would voter ID have fixed it?