Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Who Me? Think About the Budget?? I Have a Golf Game!"

Yah, that was what Obozo really said.

“We’ll have time to have a long discussion about next year’s budget, as well as the long-term debt and deficit issues where we’re going to have some very tough negotiations and they’re going to be, I think, very sharply contrasting visions in terms of where we should move the country,” he said, without specifically mentioning Ryan’s plan. “That’s a legitimate debate to have.”

Remember, Obozo did not have time to worry about a budget when he was first elected. Nor did he have enough time to worry about a budget last year. He didn't have time to worry about HIS OWN "bi-partisan Commission's" plan, either.

Golf and White House parties really suck up time, you know.

HT: Examiner

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John Foust said...

Who can forget your blog posts every time Bush went to the ranch to cut a little brush!