Friday, April 01, 2011

Walker to Obey Kangaroo Court

Some combox entries on this issue question why Walker & Co. are bothering to obey the TRO modified TRO third do-over TRO issued by a county judge, the effect of which do-over being to cost the State and its subsidiaries a lot of money.

It's because Walker is following generally accepted legal principles.

(Unlike county judges who don't bother with separation-of-powers technicalities in Constitutions.)


Anonymous said...

But Art I, Sec 9 of the Wisconsin Constitution could trump that as well as the legislature's own waiver.

Dad29 said...

No. The Constitution ALSO provides that Legislative rules are not subject to judicial review.

That's "separation of powers."

Anonymous said...

Is that how this is playing in Walkershau? It looks grim for your boy Scooter and his dirty tricks...he should have focused on jobs instead of returning to the radical social agenda.

Saint Revolution said...


Oh...a play on words...oh, how wonderfully clever.

Oh, I get it, AnonyWous.

neomom said...

When are Republicans going to learn the new (Democrat) rules of the game for criminy's sake and start playing by them too?

Anonymous said...

neomom--Yeah, two wrongs make a right!

Dad29--And legislature rules cannot run afoul of the Constitution nor conflict with state statutes.

St. Revolution--Don't you have a country to invade?

neomom said...

Anony - spoken by a true liberal believer who wants to save the tactics for his side and wants the rest of us to just sit there and take it.

Dad29 said...

legislature rules cannot run afoul of the Constitution nor conflict with state statutes

They certainly will NOT conflict with the Constitution, which explicitly provides that leggie rules are NOT subject to judicial review.

The rules only conflict with the current dementation of a certain kangaroo in Madistan.