Thursday, April 07, 2011

Scott Fitzgerald 'Splains Strategy

Scott Fitzgerald, (not to be confused with Gatsby's author) 'splained it all to Jay Weber this morning.

1) While Voter ID should have moved earlier, it would not have affected the SCOWI election because of a requirement that 'voters be notified' of any change---AND because there was a $3million cost to the bill (free ID's), it could not move while the FleeBaggers were bagging and fleeing.

2) Van Hollen is expected to petition SCOWI very soon for an expedited hearing on the Kangaroo Court's problem with separation of powers. There are lots of issues in the case which the Pubbies and the AG think simply must be adjudicated. This prevents them from "re-passing" the same bill. Expect Shirley to screw around with the timing as much as she can.

Hanging over #2, of course, is Walker's budget. If the collective-bargaining changes do not go forward, the State and ALL of its subsidiaries--schools, cities, and counties--will be screwed royally for money over the next few years.

The other solution is massive tax increases, of course. Perhaps Sen. Miller will lay that proposal on the table to the admiring crowd of Public Employee Unions.


John Foust said...

Tonight Big Fitz has a listening session in the city council chambers in Lake Mills. Can't wait to see if he has to employ his tricky evasion technique to avoid his constituents.

neomom said...

So..... the question remains. When will the voter ID/get rid of motor voter (might as well throw in Right to Work) legislation get moving then?

Anonymous said...

No, the question remains why isn't the Republican-controlled legislature taking Judge Sumi's advice and pass the bill a second time? That's the nuclear option. I say do it, and see what happens next.