Saturday, April 09, 2011

"The Patch" IS Relevant!!

Actually, the news-reporting has been pretty good. The local reporter, Lisa Sink (ex-Miwaukee JS) is doing ground-level work, leaving State/National stuff to the other guys. Therefore, she puts out stuff that the Other Guys miss.

Such as the City of Brookfield's voting.

...Brookfield city voters ran up a good turnout in the state Supreme Court race and gave incumbent Justice David Prosser nearly 11,000 votes.

Unofficial, unaudited results showed 76 percent of city residents who voted picked Prosser, with 24 percent voting for challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.

That was dated APRIL 6. Although the Waukesha County Clerk did not include the numbers in her release to the AP, the numbers were out there, reported on, and clearly "jibe" with the numbers of the canvass.

But the dogs-ponies-fleas-and-camels bunch will picket the Courthouse and infest a conference room all day long (for the cameras, of course) moaning and ululating about "fraud."

They ought to read the newspapers instead.

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TerryN said...

Or maybe they could also read the writing on the wall. The protests and disruption in Madison did little to sway the pro Walker crowd, although it did puff up the chests of the protesters.

neomom said...

They lost support with the damage to the Capitol and the intimidation tactics.

They couldn't see this coming because no Walker supporter was going to be open about it anymore, but spoke in the voting booth... again.

Jim said...

"They lost support with the damage to the Capitol"

There was very little damage to the Capitol, so that's a crock.

Anonymous said...

"There was very little damage"

Why was there any Jim? Why were there signs taped to the veterans monument Jim? Why could they not act like adults Jim? And most importantly, I note you left out replying to her "intimidation tactics" note. Why Jim?

You lost in November, you lost in April. You lost. Live with it. You and your ilk are an anachronistic throw back to the 60's. You know, that free love that gave us aids and that progressive birth that gave us partial birth abortion.

Hay Hay Ho Ho, All you leftists need to go.


neomom said...

Hmmm.... Broken locks, kicked in door panels, "Recall" scrawled in ink on the marble? I dare you to find ANY damage from Tea Party rallies

John Foust said...

If only the tea party rallies were as large and as long as the recent rallies in Madison.

neomom said...

Not possible - Tea Party attendees aren't paid to be squatters and agitators. We go, we express our concerns, then we pick up our mess and go home to our families and jobs and lives.

Regardless. Length of time for the students skipping their classes is absolutely no excuse for property damage.

Nice attempt at rationalization though.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Foust can't rationalize.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! Newspapers are still relevent! I was so worried about:

John Foust said...

The recent demonstrations in Madison were unusual. It's not as if the all same people were there every day. These crowds were renewed daily. Certainly there were some college students spending a lot of time there. The press did report a number of efforts that did clean up after themselves. On a per-capita basis, they were quite well-behaved.

Anonymous said...

neo-mom--"Tea Party attendees aren't paid to be squatters and agitators."

Tell that to our the supporters of our Revolution in the 1760's/1770's, who stayed days on end in squalid conditions when protesting British rule.

Protesting is raw, fluid, and inspirational. It's not a one day affair. The only "rule" is to refrain from violence. The founding fathers would be damn proud of those in Madison exercising their First Amendment rights.

David--"You lost in November, you lost in April."

You side also lost in 2010. Some moronic lefties told you to "shut up, deal with the conseqences". Did you? Hell, no, you stood up for what you think is justified.

Now some moronic righties like yourself are saying the same thing to people who truly believe their freedoms are being trampled upon.
Will they "shut up"? Hell, no!

The only people who has to go are partisans like yourself who seemingly advocate dictatorship with those comments.