Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"One for You, Three for Me", Say County Welfare Workers

It's not like these folks are unemployed and starving, is it?

Nine workers for Milwaukee County ran a food stamp fraud ring from at least 2005 through late 2010, scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits for themselves in the process, a state official confirmed Wednesday.

Works the same as vote fraud!!!

...The fraud ring improperly applied for benefits for people who were ineligible for benefits for factors such as living outside of Wisconsin or being incarcerated. The members of the fraud ring then directed the benefits for these improper applications to themselves and kept renewing the benefits for those improper recipients...


Just what, exactly, are the qualifications for "welfare worker" in Milwaukee County's HR operation?


jimspice said...

More Walker hires?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of a mentally-unstable Milwaukee county social worker who regularly threatens Republicans with violence -- Chris Liebenthal.

And shave that prison pussy around your face, Spice. You look like a pederast.

John Foust said...

Brave, brave Anony!