Friday, April 08, 2011

More Waukesha Ululation

This statement almost sounds really, really, really important--until you think about context.

Also clouding the circumstances is the report that a comparison of Waukesha and Dane counties shows that Waukesha County has three times more Supreme Court-only ballots than Dane County.

(It's part of the innuendo/rumor/fact-free LeftOWacky campaign to invalidate all of Waukesha County's votes....)

The Waukesha County election had two (only two) significant races: SCOWI and county judge. Evidently, some voters didn't really care too much about the judge slot.

In contrast, Dane County had a VERY hot County Exec race--and Madistan had an extremely-hot Mayor's race.

Given that Dane County (The Most Entitled County in the Universe) is nothing if not filled with political animals, you can figure out why they voted for other slots than SCOWI out there.

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Tim Morrissey said...

Is this stuff really so hard to figure out? Gee, there was a huge voter turnout in Dane County...what a surprise!