Thursday, April 14, 2011

Milwaukee County Crocodile Tears

The wailing and gnashing of teeth--with about half the truth:

Walker has argued that the union restrictions would provide local government with the flexibility to offset state aid cuts. He has said the local aid reductions are needed to solve a state budget shortfall of some $3.5 billion. Walker referred to the union bargaining changes as "fiscal tools" granted to local government.

But about "70% of the value of those fiscal tools is used up," said Stephen Cady, a budget analyst for the County Board. The county's 2011 budget already counts on employees contributing 4% of their salaries toward pension costs; Walker's budget adjustment bill boosts the figure to about 6%. The county also has already imposed health care concessions about equal to those contemplated by the governor for most public employees statewide.

Gee. Cady (and all the other posturing politicians) forgets to mention RULES CHANGES which Walker's bill authorizes.

There is a lot of money in the rules, folks, if you actually want to save money.

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Anonymous said...

That and magic fairy dust. Don't forget the magic fairy dust.