Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Left's Attention-Getting Behaviors

Tim Morrissey maintains that he's a centrist-kinda guy. Prolly is. He's beginning to worry a bit about the LeftOWackies' escalating behavior problems. Most parents recognize these problems as "attention-getting behaviors" in their children. Except, supposedly, these LeftOWackies are adults.

There's more to his essay than I'm going to excerpt here; you should read the rest.

The part that's germane is this:

It seems so hard for some people to understand. The First Amendment is not exclusive property of any gender, race, group, organization, or political party.’s the folks in the middle who are going to decide what happens next in Wisconsin, regarding recalls, the budget battle, and a zillion other political things. No one is going to change hearts and minds of the right or left. They’ve made up their minds a long time ago. Trying to shout down Palin sends a message to the folks in the middle that the left doesn’t really believe in free speech.

Yesterday I spent several hours at a statewide high-school competition. There were 1,000 kids and a couple of hundred adults who were responsible for both chaperoning/managing those kids AND for judging their performance.

About 20% of those adults were wearing their Union Fist-O-Gram buttons VERY prominently.

Frankly, it wasn't the time or place for politics. It was tasteless, juvenile, and moronic.

When I'm with the kids in these events, I'm pretty careful to mask my politics. My lapel pin is an American flag. No "NRA" buttons, no Gadsden flag pins, none of that stuff. I don't want to cloud the spirit of the competition with "...gee, what will he think of this/that/the other...." questions from the competitor-kids OR from other adults.

You know, "the APPEARANCE of conflict" crap that's always leveled at the Conservatives...

Well, anyway...

Vote-fraud, as documented by the Milwaukee Police Department, was arguably the beginning of the Left's aberrational behavior syndrome. It wasn't violent, but it was effective.

Then it became in-effective, as the Right and the Center simply voted (R) more often.

So they escalated to criminal damage to property, slashing tires of (R) vans in Milwaukee.

Then they lost, big-time, in 2010's elections, and the behavior is no longer an aberration--it is regular practice. Threats, intimidation, "sit-ins", illegal teacher job-actions, and now an office break-in/grand theft/criminal damage to property in Green Bay...all very predictable 'escalations' if you're a parent.

What Tim ought to worry about is how far this escalation will go. After all, he lives in the middle of the Adolescent Paradise which is Dane County, THE Most Entitled County in the Universe.


John Foust said...

I dunno. I think the flag pin speaks quite strongly on its own. Paired with the holster, I'm sure they can guess your politics.

Roland Melnick said...

Yeah dad, didn't you know that the American flag is a political statement?

John Foust said...

Yikes, Roland! Coming to Dad29 to promote BadgerBlogger? Only seven people expressing their sensitivity towards their fellow citizens? And Patrick posting a video that complains about the double meanings that might be behind names like "Dick"? This is a rich vein of comedy.

Anonymous said...

All of the behavior you just described, Dad29, was labeled as such by the British toward the colonists. So people on the left (and the right) are NOT willing to "sit down and shut up" by the opposing side. YOU may think the overall behavior is juvenile, but you would be dead wrong. So, you're "offenderd" if a person at a high school function wears a pin that says they support unions, or even Walker? Get over yourself. It's called exercising one's rights. Now, SOME of the actions are undoubtedly criminal, but it is NOT representative of an ENTIRE group. I think the clinical psychology terms relevant here are projection and generalization.

Dad29 said...

Anony, you would help your cause if you could write a coherent paragraph or two.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, so I had made a spelling error. Regardless, I can't help you have troubles reading for comprehension and meaning!

Dad29 said...

I deliberately ignored your spelling error.

"Coherent" is not equal to "spelling."

Try coherent writing. That way, normal people can derive "meaning" from their reading of your scrivening.

Anonymous said...

Yep, projection and rationalization, Dad29.

Roland Melnick said...

Oh John...just when I think you've worked out your bitterness and spite...oh, well. Thanks for your continued visitation at Badger Blogger just the same!