Friday, April 01, 2011

Kangaroo Games in Dane

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The term "Kangaroo Court" should be stenciled onto Sumi's doorway.

A Dane County judge on Friday kept in place a restraining order against a controversial collective bargaining measure, and it may keep the law from going into effect for weeks and months.

Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi did not schedule another hearing in the case, but she did tell attorneys to file briefs in the case. The final ones aren't due until May 23 - seven weeks away.

Gee. May 23rd. That means a "decision" on/about June 8th, appeal filed June 9th, bounced to SCOWI on June 15th.

Hmmmmm. Whoever wins the April election gets seated on SCOWI ....when, again?

HINT: Scheduling a SCOWI hearing on the case--the prerogative of Shirley--might just take a month or so.


Anonymous said...

That would be August 1. Of course, the Court usually doesn't sit in July.

Trust me; the appeals court (also based in Dane County) will keep things bottled up as long as they can regardless of who wins.

neomom said...

Over 25K lefties on the Facebook Event to Vote April 5 for Kloppenburg...

And they are organized - right down to free cab rides.

I hope the conservatives are just "Silent Running" or y'all are screwed with the most farkled up Supreme Court this side of California.

From the page...

More Info
We must elect Joanne Kloppenburg to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. A vote for her opponent (Prosser) is a vote for Walker, clear and simple.

Not voting is also a vote for Walker because low voter turnout always helps the conservatives. This election determines whether conservatives or progressives control the court for the next 10 years. Much of the Walker leg...islation that passes will face legal challenges that will end up before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. A victory for Joanne Kloppenburg assures that the court will not be stacked against us and in favor of Walker.

Anonymous said...

Exactly why judges ought not run for their offices!

Headless Blogger said...

Watching this unfold from 2000 miles away, it appears that the unions & their judges are making a lot of moves that will energize Walker supporters. I believe that following Tuesday's election, Walker & Fitz-X2 will start firing back no matter who wins. The budget still needs repair, layoffs appear to be the only tool left to use.

I also believe that the PEU's have demonstrated that they will not act in the best interest of the state and need to be eliminated. The simplest solution may be to repeal the 1959 law that allows them. I think a legal challenge calling the repeal of an existing law unconstitutional will be a tough sell. But why not amend the constitution to make PEU's illegal, too?

Dad29 said...

Yah, I expect that Walker will re-notify State workers about layoffs and take out 2 or 3 thousand of them in May and June.

If he doesn't, he loses credibility: either there is, or is not, a current-accounts problem. He said there IS, his changes are not made; so layoffs are back on the table.

But only in logic, right?

Anonymous said...

Kangeroo court? In your dreams. JVH and Esenberg are getting their legal clocks cleaned!