Friday, April 08, 2011

Here Comes the Screeching Over Waukesha

Actually, since it's One Wisconsin Now, it's ululation.

OWN's Scot Ross begins its attack by reminding us that Nickolaus was employed by the Ass'y Pubbie Caucus. He ought to know: he was employed by the (D) Caucus at the same time.

The difference? He was convicted of wrongdoing. She was not.

Then Ross moves on to "questioning" Nickolaus' computer system. He yips and yaps about the "secrecy" Nickolaus maintains, and that she "keeps election results on her personal computer."

What he does NOT mention is that Waukesha County's election system is specified by, and complies with, the General Accountability Board's systems and procedures. The material that Nickolaus keeps on her PC is historical--not that of the current election.

He also implies that there was data tampering. He can't demonstrate (nor can anyone else) that 'tampering' went on here, because there was no tampering. The audit trail is in place and it is crystal clear: the Brookfield machines show the results, after all.

Finally, he describes the Waukesha County turnout as "shockingly large." He's nuts. As two separate blog contributors observed, Waukesha County's turnout was shockingly LOW before the Brookfield Bomb.

Try again, Scot. Use hard evidence next time.


Paul - Berry Laker said...

Will they try to take away votes? Out comes the play book.

Have a GREAT weekend.

John Foust said...

The system doesn't sound very robust to me, regardless of whether some parts of it were supplied by or approved by the GAB. Unrestricted Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, macros that don't notice added columns, no common-sense checking of data that might've revealed the missing results? I don't care who created it. It doesn't inspire confidence.

As for Nickolaus, yes, please
explain how she was promoted from the Legislative Technology Services Bureau, then to the Assembly Republican caucus (where she was tangled with the Jensen and Foti scandal, again over software issues), then to run for clerk, with years of examinations and audits to improve her flaws? Waukesha Republicans thought she was worth supporting?

neomom said...

I love it. The votes weren't in the UNofficial count to the press, but are in the official canvass... Not pretty perhaps, but exactly how it is supposed to work. That is why there is a canvass.

We can hear the wailing all the way down here.


(but waiting for an extra machine or four to show up in someones trunk in Dane)

Anonymous said...

neomom--See, that's the problem here. Had this same situation occurred in which Kloppenberg benefitted, you would be crying foul. Yet--and I agree with you without hard evidence of malfeasance--that human error is at play here. I'm a bit suspicious--a natural inclination--but not to the point that, unlike you, will gnash my teeth and yell conspiracy everytime there is a close election and "my candidate" loses.

Take off the tinfoil hat (to use the terminology used by some on the right in describing those on the left)...widespread voter fraud is a myth.

Are there concerted efforts to disenfranchise voters to the point that our democracy is being, or has been, threatened? NO! Show me HARD EVIDENCE that our rights and freedoms are being violated that necessitates increased protection measures. Fix what we have!

Are there discrepencies and occasional incidences in which Democrats and Republicans have tried to unduly influence elections? YES. Then prosecute the offenders and address the matter with the procedures in place.

Perhaps that's the problem when the states allow each county to have their own voting systems and counting procedures in place. I would prefer some sort of uniform rules.

One final thought--Voter ID is synomous to a poll tax. And we all know who was targeted. I know it and you know it. FACT!

neomom said...

Um - no Voter ID is not a poll tax. Especially not when the state will give free IDs. Next.

Proof of fraud? IDK... Look to the WA governor's race where Rossi kept his lead on the first two recounts, but King County (Seattle) kept finding more ballots until on the third recount, Gregoire miraculously won. Or how in MN, duplicate ballots and trunk ballots that were all somehow for Al Franken counted. In fact every ruling for more counts went to Franken. Or how about the thousands more ballots than voters in MKE county in 2004? Many from fake addresses. Or the 5000 non-citizens that voted in Colorado. Look at the King Street Patriots that found massive fraud in Houston.

You are being willfully blind to the absence of massive fraud. You should have to prove you are who you say you are and your ID should have to match the precinct you are trying to vote in.

Dad29 said...

Neo, the trick-word is "proven" fraud.

Vote fraud, by definition, is designed NOT to be proven.

And the old "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISM" card comes out right on schedule. The only reason Wisconsin didn't pass Voter ID in January was the $3 million needed to provide ID's free of charge. It was 'fiscal' and the FleeBaggers' absence prevented passage.

ACORN's string of vote-fraud convictions is not over with yet; there are several more cases which will be coming to trial soon.

Yes, if Dane County suddenly came up with 7500 votes for K'burg I'd be screaming--until I saw the irrefutable evidence presented, like it was in Waukesha County.

So it's over. We won.


Anonymous said...

neomom--You are simplifing the cases in Washington and Minnesota. There were a host of factors which led to an absolute political nightmare there. Human error. Incompetent election officials on both sides of the aisle. Confusing county and state laws regarding re-counting procedures. Bitter partisan politics in which the "truth" was twisted and turned for each other's benefit.

Ultimately, the courts ruled there was not enough evidence for the disputed votes to be declared null and void. That is, the courts ruled that the Republicans did not meet the standard of proof required to remove those ballots because the nature of the impropriety failed to CLEARLY warrant that consequence. That's called following the letter of the law.

Out of hundreds of thousands of elections held every year, how many incidents of voter fraud are committed and/or prosecuted? Where are the numbers that warrants restrictive measures to cast a ballot? And yet some on the right claim that voter fraud on a massive scale exists? Spare me the rhetoric.

Again, there are laws in place to address those incidences, and in the case of Washington, new procedures were put in place as a result.

Regarding Milwaukee 2004, whatever. You are beating a dead horse. And concering Colorado and Houston, I would have to read up on those cases.

neomom said...

Ah - missed the code. Mea Culpa.

My bad for believing non-citizen and fake addresses were proof.

But yes, by all means, they should get on with the legislation so as to curtail the ah... irregularities.. in 2012.

Meanwhile, voter ID is in process in the NC legislature now. We will have to see if Governor Which-ever-way-Obama-tells-me-go will veto and if there are 4 Dems in the House to override it.

Anonymous said...

Dad29--And the old "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISM" card comes out right on schedule.

What? Who said that?

Dad29--Vote fraud, by definition, is designed NOT to be proven.

That makes absolutely no sense!
Try again!

Acorn Voter Fraud Hoax...

John Foust said...

You see, they are secret Communists. They look like regular people, but deep down they're still Commies. It's the ones who look normal that you need to worry about the most.

Millions for voter ID, but can't find the cash to make a uniform and trustworthy voting system.