Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doyle Coverup, Walker Blamed. Figures.

Gee, this is unusual. A Democrat Governor covers up an investigation and his Republican successor is blamed for covering it up. This is called "seriously slanted and misleading reporting" (and Politifact will not address it.)

The more than five-month period of the investigation covers the administrations of former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle and current Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Then you have the gratuitous stupid remarks:

But Sherrie Tussler said she found it concerning. Tussler is the executive director of Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee, which does advocacy work on behalf of people who receive assistance through FoodShare.

"This is a material failure of the state Department of Health Services to inform the federal government," Tussler said.

Like I said: gratuitous AND stupid.

Recall that Doyle & Co. took over various welfare operations from Milwaukee County in an effort to make Walker look bad?

The Doyle administration had oversight at the state level throughout the time of the alleged fraud up to the time it was discovered.

Well, it worked!! Doyle took over the program, screwed it up to a fare-thee-well, and made Walker look bad.

All he needed was Jason Stein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel to perform the ritual. Here's the recipe:

Take straight news

Slice/dice facts into semi-sequential order

Cover with powdered bull offal

Bake with plenty of concern-troll quotes

Bury the real perps' names deep, deep, deep, in the mix.

Serve up with Pure BS Headline

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