Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't Like Your Job? Not To Worry: It's Temporary

Runny mentioned a really dispiriting result of the Obozo Gummint's economic "policy":

...Another indicator that our economic trajectory may be changing for the worse on a longer-term basis is that what jobs have been added since the recession ended have been entirely in the area of temporary help services...

Manpower prospers. You? Not so much.

In addition:

In 21 post-recession months, 263,000 non-temporary jobs have [been] lost (+245K overall less 508K temps), on top of the millions of jobs lost during the recession itself

So if you're working for Simon Lagree this week, don't fret. Next week it might be the Good Witch of the East. Of course, it might be no job whatsoever.

Isn't Statist Socialism fun?

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