Friday, April 01, 2011

CNN Babes Beclown Selves on National TV

One cannot add to MWBH's take on this short clip.

These women were visibly shaken by the counter-terror guy. Good.

What makes the interview really delicious is this:

...Michael Scheuer was a former director of the CIA's anti-bin-Ladin unit. He wrote a book called Imperial Hubris in 2004, sharply critical of the Bush Administration's interventionist policy (and making the Ron Paul-type case that we need to abandon Israel).

...the media couldn't get enough of Scheuer's basic schtick in 2004-2008. Every dollop of wisdom he offered -- that we have no business fighting in Muslim countries, that we're always blundering about making new enemies and minting fresh terrorists -- was eaten up by a media consumed with War on Bush fever.

Well, it's now after January 2009 and the world has changed, and by "world" I mean "president."

And while Scheuer is saying the exact same things he said from 2004-2008, now the media is arguing with him.

Because now Obama is intervening in a "War of Choice" in a Muslim country. And that's... different. Because it's Obama.



Badger Catholic said...

The one kept flailing her arms thinking that made her point more clear.

Mr. Tastic said...

Epic fail.

Jim said...

"These women were visibly shaken by the counter-terror guy."

Really? I must have missed something there.

I too was interested in what Scheuer had to say several years ago. I even read his "anonymous" book Imperial Hubris. I think he has a lot to offer.

However, when he suggests that "America can only be saved" by another major terror attack and he refers to the UN Ambassador as "crazed" (how did he feel about Bolton?), he begins to come across as pretty "fringe-ish".

I've seen Scheuer on TV recently including on Fox News and heard him on the radio and I didn't think these two from CNN were any worse or better than their counterparts on Fox. And Fox is world-renowned for its clowns.

Dad29 said...

OH, he's a nut, alright.

But he's the LeftOWackies' nut, which is what made that show so funny.

And yah, Jim, you missed a lot. But when you get a little older, you'll recognize signs.

Work on it.

Jim said...

When I get a little older? I don't have that much older to get.

Dad29 said...

Well, then, you're a slow learner, Jim.

Dad29 said...

Well, then, you're a slow learner, Jim.

Tim Morrissey said...

Somewhere deep in the bowels of CNN, some 22-year-old segment producer has been "counseled" by a CNN exec (VP level at least) to not book this guy any more.

Can't have the anchorettes surprised by anything.

The production meeting "suggestions" are there to be followed, whether you're at CNN or FNN.