Saturday, April 09, 2011

Arne Duncan: Not on the Right Page

The US Sec'y/Education pops off:

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said the Wisconsin Education Association Council had proposed reforms such as performance pay and evaluation reforms, which Walker praised just days before introducing a bill to sharply restrict teachers' collective bargaining.

"What was stunning to me is where folks are showing vision and courage and being forward-minded, we support those efforts," Duncan said at the Education Writers Association conference in New Orleans. "For him to go in that direction after the leadership that the union had shown simply made no sense to me. It was nonsensical."

Umnnhhhh....Arne.....nice try at deception-by-conflation, but you get an "F".

The bargaining restrictions have to do with MONEY, Arne. There is no MONEY any more. Wisconsin and its school districts are tapped out. Dry. Flat broke.

Everybody is very pleased that WEAC wants to reform education. That can happen--and should--but it won't happen without MONEY, Arne.


Jim said...

"Wisconsin and its school districts are tapped out. Dry. Flat broke."

They are flat broke because of the economy, not because of teachers. The economy will get better. The public employees unions were and almost always are willing to make concessions when economic circumstances require it.

It has to do with reducing the power of the unions, and that's the MONEY that it is about.

Dad29 said...

Reducing the power of the unions is just fine by me. Rules are even more important than the bennies.

But Arne, an FIB, was wrong the way he presented it, anyway.