Monday, April 18, 2011

Abele's TEA Party?

Gee. Scott Walker's long gone. What COULD have happened??

The largest union representing Milwaukee County workers failed to renew a contract for more than two years after its old pact expired.

Now, the county is moving to swiftly impose even stiffer concessions than it had sought earlier on 3,500 members of District Council 48 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Maybe it's not Abele. Maybe it's an evil plot of Lee Holloway, who's the secret leader of the nefarious and evil SykesBelling Gang. Or maybe Abele and Holloway are actually the Koch brothers in disguise.

Or maybe--just maybe--Scott Walker's offer was the very best deal that AFSCME could ever have gotten.

Ya' think?


Anonymous said...

Since Unions stricly support Democrats, and Democrats loveto kill unborn children( abortion),
I say:
Neuter the abortion loving, Child killing, Taxpayer Raping, Socialist, Communist, Thieving Unions!!!!

Anonymous said...

By neuter, you mean murder. Hence, you are a (deranged) hypocrite.