Thursday, January 05, 2006

X42's IRS-Abuse

We've mentioned this before, as Tony Snow got exercised about it--this time, Bob Tyrrell has called for release of The Barrett Report.

Nope, it's not about Milwaukee's Peek-a-Boo Mayor--although it shares one of his qualities: it's not easy to find the Report.

This is about Bill and Hillary Clinton's use of the IRS to make their political enemies bleed and writhe in pain. This is about the Clintons' refinement of techniques used by FDR and Nixon.

And this is (less directly) about Congressional slimebags Durbin, Dorgan and Waxman--who have done everything in their power to keep the Barrett Report--well, just as under wraps as Tom Barrett of Milwaukee.

We know X42 and the Hildebeeste are the worst sort of oozing slime--venal, corrupt, and manipulative--and that the Hildebeeste wants the White House back.

We know who her friends are: Durbin, Dorgan, Waxman.

We want ALL of the Barrett Report. Every word. No redactions.

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