Wednesday, January 04, 2006

McShame (R-Egocentric) Never Quits, Either

We've all heard that the Left never quits--they'll push their damned agenda for years and years and years--and finally (usually) succeed. Well, they deserve it, I suppose.

Same-o with Sen. John McShame of Arizona. Here's a guy who married big money (on the second try) and whose early political career was, ah, spotted by the Savings & Loan scandal.

But he uses his war hero status (earned and deserved) to push on.

After he and Feingold (D-AlQuaeda) managed to ram through the un-Constitutional restriction on political advertisements from interest groups (NRA, for one,) he found that there were Other Evil Entities!!!

Blogs weren't hit that time--but look at his NEW proposal:

A) means any attempt to influence the general public, or segments thereof, to engage in lobbying contacts whether or not those contacts were made on behalf of a client; and
(20) Grassroots lobbying activities.--The term `grassroots lobbying activities' means grassroots lobbying and efforts in support of grassroots lobbying, including preparation and planning activities, research and other background work that is intended, at the time it is performed, for use in grassroots lobbying, and coordination with the lobbying activities or grassroots lobbying activities of others.

Bet you didn't think that "Lobbyist Control" measures included keeping those damn Peasants out in the hayfields or shoveling the barn, eh?

Senator, do us a favor, and STFU

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Peter said...

This is reminiscent of the Clinton-era proposal which would have required people writing letters to their Representatives and Senators to register as lobbyists and make full financial disclosure.

It is clear that the elitists in government do not care what the "peasants with the pitchforks" think.