Monday, January 02, 2006

NSA Leakers Identified?

Perhaps we will not enjoy the sight of Risen and Lichtblau of the Al-Quaeda Times doing time for contempt by refusing to give up their sources on the "scandal" of monitoring international telephone conversations from/to terrorists, (in the US or elsewhere.)

Captain's Quarters has a comment which promises that the indictments will be forthcoming this week. (You have to scroll down quite a ways--look for "Coldwarrior" in the combox.)

Seems it's possible that some PO'd active-duty USAF officers are engaging in revenge because one of their pals, another USAF officer, had spray-painted a number of cars with "Bush" stickers on them.

IF that's the case, we should begin examining our USAF's promotion and entrance-examinations, eh?

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WICatholic said...

If what he says is true, it needs to be much more than that. My Dad used to say "Loose lips sink ships", a saying from WWII days, as he was a Vet.

If the persons involved were active military of any kind, for any reason, regardless of what it may be, they need to go before their military and be tried.

Treason has been running through my mind for a long time about some things that have been being said and leaked. I even wrote a short piece asking if anyone today can even be tried for it any longer.

If this was the work of active military, especially if it came from inside the NSA itself, then IMHO, it needs to be more than just looked into and hands slapped.