Monday, January 02, 2006

As Usual, Mark Steyn Gets the Point

In an essay for New Criterion, Steyn demonstrates that Planned Barrenhood and the Aborto-Rights crowds (redundant, I know) are the real enemies of the West, or what remains of it. In Europe, they've joined in a suicide pact with the "import cheap labor" crowd.

Steyn's money quote:

The design flaw of the secular social-democratic state is that it requires a religious-society birth rate to sustain it. Post-Christian hyper-rationalism is, in the objective sense, a lot less rational than Catholicism or Mormonism. Indeed, in its reliance on immigration to ensure its future, the European Union has adopted a twenty-first-century variation on the strategy of the Shakers, who were forbidden from reproducing and thus could only increase their numbers by conversion. The problem is that secondary- impulse societies mistake their weaknesses for strengths—or, at any rate, virtues—and that’s why they’re proving so feeble at dealing with a primal force like Islam.

In brief, Steyn is trying to tell us that the country-club 2.5 kids/family "ideal" is a prescription for economic (and thus, national) suicide. It is impossible to generate the cash required for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, nursing homes, day-care, etc., etc., whether Nationalized or not, when the taxpaying base is diminishing.

And the wholesale importation of "substitute taxpayers" is a very dangerous path. As PJBuchanan pointed out, SOME of these "substitute taxpayers" are now, and will remain forever, culturally alienated from the West. Think "dhimmitude" and "jizya."

It can be argued that GWB's program to import Mexicans is a far better choice than the Euroweenie one--importing Mohammedans--for at least in general terms, Mexicans are culturally Western (and you read it correctly if you read "Christian" for 'culturally Western.')

HT: Dhimmi Watch

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