Saturday, August 23, 2014

Unkind to Ryan? Not Me!

There's been mumbling that the Tea Party types are not fans of Paul Ryan.  Well, maybe.  Sometimes I think Paul Ryan gets it--see his 'subsidiarity' inclinations.  Other times, it's clear that Paul is missing the boat by a mile--see his inexplicable stand on illegals.

I suppose that he's more conservative than Boehner.  That's not saying much, but you get the idea.

Others, however, simply mock him for his "path to fiscal sanity" budget proposals.

"...Representative Ryan has presented several budgets over the last few years which I have proceeded to rip into little shreds using, no surprise, arithmetic.  Specifically, his budgets all assume a 20 year time horizon and they make two assumptions that are false: A growth rate over that 20 years on a compounded annual basis that has never happened in the post-war for even five years, say much less 20 and worse, a reliance on there being no recessions during that period.

There has never been a 20 year no-recession period in the history of the United States.
Presentation of any such "budget proposal" is an outright fraud.  What's worse is that using the actual "as experienced" economic record since 1980 as a baseline Ryan's budget proposals result in the catastrophic collapse of the Federal Government (that is, tax revenue is exceeded by mandatory expenditures + interest) long before the 20 years are up...."

But hey!  Those proposals were nicely written and produced, no?

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