Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some Help for Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes cannot understand why 'conservatives' are less-than-enthused about Walker's campaign.

Let me help you, Charlie.

First off, Walker is a Boy Scout.  Honest, helpful, courteous, ....all that stuff.  He will get my vote.  So this isn't a rant about 'Why I Won't Vote for Walker'.

Having said that, I'll put Walker's problem in three words:

No Red Meat.

Walker is a terminal bore--or maybe his message is terminally boring.  He did Act 10 and has subsequently gone to ground over the size of Wisconsin Gummint--and for that matter, the size of the tax bite here.  Regulation relief?  Yes, but virtually invisible. Tax reductions?  Ditto.  Question:  what's the plan for the next 4 years?  Another $100.00 reduction in State income taxes?  Another $200.00 reduction in property taxes?  How about police & fire benefits, still unconscionably excessive?  Or better yet, how about fixing the abuse of the "duty disability" clause?  No mention.  No concern.


Closely connected:  Walker has not been visible in fighting the Obozo Regime.  He--unlike Jindal--rolled over for Common Core, a blatant invasion of State's rights.  Yes, he avoided the ObozoCare nightmare, but he certainly hasn't capitalized on that with red-meat speechification.  Yawn.

(Where's Walker on the illegals, by the way?  Nary a peep from him.)

Similarly, Walker has disappeared on the gay "marriage" fight, just as on the abortion-benefits issue for State employees.  Skittling sideways with "not my provenance" blather is gutless and, frankly, evasive.

Walker lost control of the "jobs" issue.  True, he didn't get his 250K.  But there's a reason:  ObozoConomy.  We all know that.  Why the hell doesn't he SAY that??

Walker shuffled and wavered on the Cost of Coal matter, saying that he'd defer reaction until a group of Midwestern Governors came up with an objection.  REALLY?  You have NOTHING to say about this, Scott?  How about "Screw this bastard and his Kill America Plan"?

Walker decided, as part of his "jobs" crusade, to establish another Gummint "helper":  WEDC.  Why does Walker think that his version of Crony Capitalism is better than the Doyle/Burke version?

One more thing:  Jim Doyle is dead and gone.  Yah, he's a slimebucket grifter.  So what?  Get over it.  Paint Mary Burke with the Obozo brush, with regulatory- and tax-increases, and the illegals.  Get rid of your McCain/Romney political "advisers" and get someone with testosterone.

See what happens then.

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