Wednesday, August 27, 2014

IRS Apes EPA: "Sue/Settle" Slime

 For years, the Green-o-crats at EPA have chafed at law or judicial decisions which restricted EPA's authority to strangle economic activity.  So in order to get around these restrictions, EPA colluded with outside groups such as the Sierra Club.  Sierra would sue EPA to obtain Big Green ends, and EPA would deliberately fold its hand in court.  Then EPA would have a free hand to pursue the Green ends.

The Green-o-Crats of EPA got what they wanted, and so did Big Green.  "Win-win!" 

(You lose.  Too bad.)

Now the Lerner-ized IRS is pulling the same outrageous, dishonest, dirty trick.

...Members of Congress are demanding answers from the IRS about their apparent collusion with an angry atheist group to target the Church.

The issue arose when the angry atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation sued the IRS, demanding that it investigate churches and pastors and monitor their sermons.

The IRS quickly folded, settling the case and agreeing to target and monitor churches...

What's...ahhh....curious.... is this:  IRS surrendered on a case which--by precedent--they could have easily won.

What's ominous is that IRS refuses to release the settlement's terms. That's interesting, no?  IRS is not a private club.  Their legal agreements should be available to all the citizens in cases which do not have an obvious 'privacy' bar.

It would be fun to get that chubby bald twit back to testify about this with Rep. Gowdy asking the questions, wouldn't it?

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