Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Sue and Settle" Bunch Behind EPA Extremism

The greatest dangers to your utility bill are named in this article.  Not "EPA," although they are a notorious cooperator in strangling utilities (and hiking your electric bills.)

...The finding of failure against Wisconsin and two other states was required by a consent decree in one of the Sierra Club lawsuits, Hart said. The DNR has been writing fine particle limits into its air permits, she said.
Hart said she expects the agency will submit completed rules to the EPA before the two years elapse. Work has begun on an initial step, a statement of scope, she said.

Limits on fine particles will likely need to be stricter than those Wisconsin now uses, said Sarah Williams, an attorney for Madison-based Midwest Environmental Advocates. She questioned the validity of the reasons for missing the deadline.

“They decided to take the position of ‘Wait and see if we can get away with doing less,’ ” Williams said.

Sue and settle.  That's what Sierra and Midwest Environmental Advocates do.  When these extremists don't like a rule due to some imaginary 'evils', they sue EPA.  EPA folds like a cheap suit, "settling" for some ultra-restrictive new "rule."

Your electric bill rises.  The Green Machine is happy. 

As to you obtaining food and shelter?  Tough turds, folks.


Anonymous said...

You underestimate the role of the EPA here. The full order of events in this version of Kabuki Theatre is...

- The EPA proposes an economy-crushing rule.

- Businesses and individuals object during the comment period.

- The EPA "backs off" on implementing the rule.

- Their friends and allies in the Envirowhacko movement sue to get the proposed rule implemented.

- The EPA eagerly agrees in an "out-of-court" settlement to implement the proposed rule.

- When everybody else objects, the EPA points to the "consent decree" and claims it was ordered by the courts.

Dad29 said...

Nicely laid out, Steve. That's exactly the plan.