Sunday, August 24, 2014

Clinton, Obozo, & GWBush: Losing to Al Quaeda

Seems as though our recent Presidents are not too perceptive when they decide to "fix things."

With Clinton, it was Bosnia.

Back in 2007, my book Unholy Terror ruffled quite a few feathers by pointing out the unpleasant truth that, in the 1990s, Bosnia-Hercegovina became a jihadist playground and a major venue for Al-Qa’ida, thanks to malign Saudi and Iranian influences. This was off-message, to put it mildly, to critics eager to defend failed Western (especially American) policies in the Balkans, as well as the usual coterie of jihad fellow-travelers and Useful Idiots, plus those eager, for personal reasons, not to have anyone look too deeply into where Saudi money goes in Europe.

However, my essential message — that Islamist extremism, though a largely imported phenomenon in Bosnia, has put down local roots and is likely to metastasize further due to that country’s intractable socio-economic problems — has been proven sadly accurate over the last seven years....

Yah.  And guess who Clinton helped?

Yup.  The Muizzies.

And of course, GWBush elected to depose Saddam, against the advice of John Paul II.  JPII was not a friend of Saddam, nor was he a peacenik; but he knew that the collapse of that regime would lead to Islamo-troubles downstream.


And of course, there's Obozo, who has brought our foreign relations to near-perfect stupidity, again assisting radical Muzzies by deposing Gaddafy (thus, Benghazi), opposing Israeli efforts to stamp out Hamas, and working on his golf-game while feeding ISIS its weapons.


It might be interesting to know just exactly who is advising these men--and what THEIR motives are.

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