Saturday, August 02, 2014

That Ban on Cellphones in the Car? Nevermind.

Seems that banning use of cellphones by drivers is.....ahhh........useless.

“Our main result was that we found no evidence that the California cellphone ban decreased accidents,” Colorado University economics Professor Daniel T. Kaffine, one of the lead autors of the study, said in a statement...."  --The Newspaper quoted at Hot Air

And that was not a one-off.

...Though offsetting for safety advocates, Kaffine’s research is in line with other findings. The Highway Loss Data Institute, the research arm of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, studied insurance claims rates in 2009 and 2010 studies, and found no link that bans helped decrease crashes....quoting AutoBlog

OK, so let's see how fast the useless laws are repealed.

Hint:  don't hold your breath.

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Anonymous said...

They'll be repealed on the 58th of Never, 2 weeks after speed limits are set according to scientifically safe criteria instead of mostly for maximum revenue generation.