Friday, August 15, 2014

Ferguson, Ruby Ridge

It may be a while before the facts are firmly established in the Ferguson situation.  One of the versions is extremely disturbing, and that's the version wherein Brown was shot in the back while fleeing.

In other words, it's akin to Ruby Ridge.

(We are also reminded of the whitewash given the UW-M KampusKop several years ago when he emptied his magazine into the back of a guy driving a Jeep.)

The other version--that Brown was shot while attempting to disarm the cop--is the one that gives us some measure of comfort such as it is, given that there is a dead young man.

This essayist reminds us that the first version is not to be dismissed out-of-hand.  He has plenty of evidence on video that cops lie.  Why not?  They're human.

We've often mentioned that the "rule of law" in this country is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, mostly because those who are the 'rulers,' particularly in the judiciary, are demolishing it.  Let's hope that this is NOT another chapter in that particular book.


Anonymous said...

Whoever said it wasn't both a struggle for the gun and a coup de grace to the back? There were multiple shots fired in all accounts, after all.

Dad29 said...

Could be.

Breaking news is that the victim is on tape robbing some joint of cigars which is why he was detained.


Anonymous said...

St. Trayvon Jr.? Wouldn't surprise me any.

John Mitchell said...

Incorrect. The cigars had nothing to do with the execution by the police.

Dad29 said...

Well, there's more news. Seems that the witness who said that the victim was not resisting also happened to be his accomplice in the robbery.

So...the 'innocent man' thing has a credibility gap about a mile wide.